Trader Cafe - Specialty Coffee in Birmingham

We are an independent Coffee Shop, Coffee Roasters in Birmingham. We roast the coffee on premise. We like coffee. And we sell coffee. We want to share with you what we believe to be good, quality and price. If you like our coffee, we are exciting and encouraged. If you don't hate it, at least find us different (we should be), we are already very happy. ; )

Coffee Farm

This is the coffee farm, one of our coffee bean coming from here. The place is simple and beautiful, same for the people here.

Farmer hand pick the ripe red cherry. We should give some more respect to coffee farmer. Without their hard work, we would not be able to create the good cup of coffee for you.  The work is hard but pay is not high.

We are trying to source direct from coffee farms, whenever possible. Currently we are sourcing from both farms as well as distributors. I hope we will become big enough to source most of beans direct from coffee farms. Note not all farmers have ability to sell overseas. In fact most of them can not. We need to be big enough to do this. We are trying and targeting to do this more.