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We are an independent Coffee Shop, Coffee Roasters in Birmingham. We roast the coffee on premise. We like coffee. And we sell coffee. We want to share with you what we believe to be good, quality and price. If you like our coffee, we are exciting and encouraged. If you don't hate it, at least find us different (we should be), we are already very happy. ; )

SCA Coffee Classes in Year 2022


Here's course schedule remains in 2022. Afterward we will stop for a short time. See you in 2023 @@

SCA Barista Skills Foundation - - - 19 NOV 2022 - - -

Barista Training in Birmingham

SCA Accredited Coffee Training

Certificate Option

New to coffee? Want to work as a Barista. This one day class will deliver essential knowledge of what makes a good barista. We will cover core skills required to deliver barista menu. 

SCA Barista Skills Foundation


Barista coffee knowledge: coffee jorney, coffee in closer look, Arabicas VS Robusta, coffee species and varities, how to store and preserve coffee, workspace management

Grind, dose, extract and brew a good cup of espresso: following a set of steps of industry standard 

Milk technique: how to steam different milk textures, which is the base of espresso based drinks 

Barista menu: learn barista menu and how to make them Workspace management: hygiene, health, safety, machine cleaning and basic maintenance 

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE : No prerequisite required

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Our FB is back ...finally ðŸ˜…😅😅(10 mins ago). Anyway FB will not be our focus. If you want to contact us, use other channels if possible, eg, Gxxgle, or Who knows?! the blocking may happen again...


Our New BARISTA Aprons
THANK YOU @Karen, who gifted these wonderful barista aprons to us. So Trader Cafe has new aprons to use now... Sweet ^^

SCA Brewing Foundation - - - 26 NOV 2022 - - -

Barista Training in Birmingham

Certificate Option

SCA Brewing Foundation

COURSE HOURS : Recommended course hours: 6 hours excluding exams Written exam 30 minutes Practical exam 30 minutes ***

WHAT WE WILL COVER : Coffee Origin and Processes Brewing Guideline for extraction, ratio, time, turbulence, temperature Introduce core brewing skills and equipment How to grind and brew to the correct recipe

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE : Introduction to Coffee is a recommended (but not mandatory) pre-requisite module.

SCA Barista Skills Intermediate - - 17-18 DEC 2022 - -

Barista Training in Birmingham

Certificate Option

Barista Intermediate (2 Days)

Build up coffee skills through practical and theoretical training. To develop competency to make a great espresso-based coffee to next level professionally.

WHAT WE WILL COVER : Look more deeply into coffee beans, blends to single origins, Bourbons to Caturras Look at workspace and work flow for an optimum layout Refine your espresso skills and dial in a specific recipe Deliver sets of drinks to specification Test your knowledge and skill with a series of written and practical assessments.

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE : This course is aimed at baristas with some experience looking to refine their skillset.

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UPDATE 2022-10-27: Thank you those confirmed the scam like FB msg, one even visited us to confirm not scam. Thanks for help ! After all these, I was told I am PROTECTED so account is locked. THANK YOU SO MUCH THE BEST APP !!!

UPDATE 2022-10-28 Thank you for those confirmed the scam like msg. I am so sorry to ask one by one. No matter the friends confirmed on time. Fart book gave a new challenge - "use the same browser" (which we did. Just no cookies stored). Anyway, may be it is our chance to stop using the evil social media.

Get Coffee Training Now 2022

All SCA courses in 2022 are listed

For coffee professional and new comers who want to join the coffee industry. Contact us if you are interested and would like to explore new area, hobby or career to develop.

SCA auhtorised coffee trainer, our courses are accredited for specialty coffee association qualification which is recognised by the coffee industry and professional. We provides course for beginners and professional alike. See our website and listing for more information.

Ceramic Coffee Drippers

Introducing coffee brewing methods and devices - Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Main purpose, good but not expensive. This issue we have - Ceramic Drippers

GOOD: Maintain good flavored hand-brewed coffee while keep temperature. Simple, minimal design.

BAD: More costly than plastic. Ceramic can be broken.

We sell in good price so above mentioned disadvantages do not exist ;)

#ceramicdripper #coffeedripper #specialtycoffee

Nitori Teapot Glass 700ml

Product description => 綺麗 

(Product is fragile, available only in shop) 

Nitori Teapot Glass 700ml

●This is a glass teapot that allows you to see the flavor of the tea. ●This teapot is designed to be easy to use. ●Capacity (approx.): 700ml ●Thermostable temperature difference: 120°C ●Open flame and oven not allowed ●Microwave and dishwasher OK *Remove the tea strainer when using in a microwave oven. 

■おいしさが見える、ガラス製の急須です。 ■「使いやすい」にとことんこだわったティーポットです。 ■容量(約):700ml ■耐熱温度差:120℃ ・直火、オーブン不可 ・電子レンジ、食洗機OK ※電子レンジでご使用の場合は必ず茶こしを外してください。