Trader Cafe - Specialty Coffee in Birmingham

We are an independent Coffee Shop, Coffee Roasters in Birmingham. We roast the coffee on premise. We like coffee. And we sell coffee. We want to share with you what we believe to be good, quality and price. If you like our coffee, we are exciting and encouraged. If you don't hate it, at least find us different (we should be), we are already very happy. ; )

SCA Barista Skills Foundation - - - 06-JAN-2024, 20-JAN-2024, 10-FEB-2024, 02-MAR-2024

SCA Barista Skills Foundation

SCA Accredited Coffee Training

Certificate Option

New to coffee? Want to work as a Barista. This one day class will deliver essential knowledge of what makes a good barista. We will cover core skills required to deliver barista menu. 


Barista coffee knowledge: coffee jorney, coffee in closer look, Arabicas VS Robusta, coffee species and varities, how to store and preserve coffee, workspace management

Grind, dose, extract and brew a good cup of espresso: following a set of steps of industry standard 

Milk technique: how to steam different milk textures, which is the base of espresso based drinks 

Barista menu: learn barista menu and how to make them Workspace management: hygiene, health, safety, machine cleaning and basic maintenance 

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE : No prerequisite required


*Our course fee does not include SCA’s course enrolment fee €50. SCA introduced new accreditation enrolment in Feb 2023. Course fee and SCA’s enrolment fee will be paid separately.
*If you want to get a SCA certificate. First you have to register our course and pay course fee here, and provide your learner ID (register here) . You will then receive an email from SCA to pay the course enrolment fee. You have to pay the enrolment fee directly to SCA before the course date. Otherwise you can still attend the course without accreditation, but you cannot attend the exam and will not get a SCA certificate.
*Course fee is not refundable once booked, schedule and resource is occupied. If you foresee any change in advance we will try our best to reschedule to next available class, subject to availability and admin fee.