Trader Cafe - Specialty Coffee in Birmingham

We are an independent Coffee Shop, Coffee Roasters in Birmingham. We roast the coffee on premise. We like coffee. And we sell coffee. We want to share with you what we believe to be good, quality and price. If you like our coffee, we are exciting and encouraged. If you don't hate it, at least find us different (we should be), we are already very happy. ; )

Coffee of the Day

Coffee of the Day

Offer 20% more in same price. These coffee beans are located over the counter so you know where to look for this bargain.

Santos is known to fit for all purposes, you can do it in black, espresso, filtered, with milk, or without milk.

Not sure how you like it, No problem ! Order a cup in V60, Aeropress, Chemex, Cappucino, espresso or Americano, whatever method you specify ; )

PS: Offer of free 20% is over. But we have different offer from time to time. After all my price is less than half of the another roastery around, same source of coffee beans. I offer only coffee that I think they are good enough :)