Trader Cafe - Specialty Coffee in Birmingham

We are an independent Coffee Shop, Coffee Roasters in Birmingham. We roast the coffee on premise. We like coffee. And we sell coffee. We want to share with you what we believe to be good, quality and price. If you like our coffee, we are exciting and encouraged. If you don't hate it, at least find us different (we should be), we are already very happy. ; )

Our FAxxBOOK Page is LOCKED !

The BEST app locked our FAxxBOOK  as we don't save its cookies in browser

(obviously they want to know me better for GOOD). I asked help from 3 friends (out of 7 it generously gave me) to confirm me is me.


UPDATE 2022-10-27: Thank you those confirmed the scam like FB msg, one even visited us to confirm not scam. Thanks for help ! After all these, I was told I am PROTECTED so account is locked. THANK YOU SO MUCH THE BEST APP !!!

UPDATE 2022-10-28 Thank you for those confirmed the scam like msg. I am so sorry to ask one by one. No matter the friends confirmed on time. Fart book gave a new challenge - "use the same browser" (which we did. Just no cookies stored). Anyway, may be it is our chance to stop using the evil social media.